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PH 2084
  • Professional beam setter equipment
  • Supplied standard with bottom side spring for easy, fast & secure positioning
  • Ideal for measuring all optical height from 250mm. to 1500mm.
  • 100% Made Italy
  • "CE" Certified and approved 
"head-lights will never perform better"

The WERTHER Beam Setters have been designed and manufactured from many years of experience, tests and direct trials on site. Thanks to our State-of-the-Art Technology and Research Department, we strive to maintain the most updated versions of beam setters available in today's market. The ever-more evolving vehicle industry means to upgrade constantly our know-how and production plant. The importance to have head lights on vehicles perform well, means better and safer driving environment which translates into saving lives. All our products are manufactured using only approved materials to the most highest safety standard possible, in accordance to CE regulations and norms. When choosing a WERTHER Beam Setter, you will guarantee your customers drive in total satisfaction. USE ONLY WERTHER HEADLIGHT BEAM SETTERS !!! 

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